S series vessels, e and ae series capacitive equipment for liquid and gaseous media


- accommodation, storage and distribution of media;

- different technological processes (adsorbers, separator, hydraulic hitches, air collectors, etc.) with liquid, gaseous, mono- and multiphase combustible and toxic media.


Materials used:

- carbon steels;

- 12X18H10T type steel (C 0.12%, Cr 18%, Ni 10%, Ti up to 1.5%);

- 10X17H13M2T type steel (C 0.10%, Cr 17%, Ni 13%, Mo 2%, Ti up to 1.5%);

- 06XH28MДT alloy (C 0.06%, Cr, Ni 28%, Mo, Cu, Ti);

- other materials can be used if suggested by the Customer.



- conformity with the Federal Norms and Regulations “Rules of Industrial Safety in Hazardous Facilities Using Overpressure Equipment” PB 03-584-03, GOST R 52630-2006;

- design and manufacture in accordance with specific requirements;

- equipped with any type of check and control valves, fittings and meters;

- available with heating (cooling) jackets;

- manufactured in compliance with TDFA.061500.000TU;

- comply with the Customs Union’s Technical Regulations TR TS 010, 032

- certificates for design and manufacturing nuclear power plant equipment.


Nominal flow, m3, up to 10
Working pressure, kgf/cm2 63
Working temperature, °С -70...+350